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New Shirts Available - Supporting the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation

The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation was created to increase awareness of Melanoma, and raise funds to support the research needed to effectively treat and ultimately cure this wide spread form of cancer. Melanoma is the most common cancer among young adults ages 25 to 29, and the second most common form of cancer among 15 to 29 year olds. New Shirt Too New Shirt

Supporting the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is a natural for the 4U2SEA™ Fraternity of Fabricators. Since water reflects 100% of UV radiation (whereas snow reflects 85% and sand reflects only 25%), boaters, more than most, need to be acutely aware of the risk. 4U2SEA™ is donating $2.00 to the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation for every cool2sea™ shirt ordered.

Famed Marine Wildlife Artist, Mark Ray, was commissioned to produce the “Blue Heron” (pictured left) that has been printed in blue shades. His existing “Marlin Chasing Tuna” (pictured right) has been printed in black shades. Both shirts have been created in safety-colored green neon and available in short or long sleeve and in Ladies cut short sleeve. Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All money raised will be used to fund Melanoma research.

Shirt prices include the donation. Order by calling: (410) 507-1122.


Short Sleeve, S-XL




Short Sleeve 2XL and 3XL




Long Sleeve, S-XL




Long Sleeve, 2XL and 3XL



Over 20 years pass since Jeff Smith invented EZ2CY® . . .
and NOW . . . The future is here! Making history, again!

The yacht below has a Cool2Sea enclosure on it. Click here to learn and see more.

We Welcome Our
Newest Fabricator!

Yacht Refurbishing Logo

And this for the news: It’s Official; the 4U2SEA Fraternity of Fabricators is now multi-national with the addition of Yacht Refurbishing located in Panama at Noas Harbour Island next to Flamenco Marina.

The 4U2SEA™ Enclosure's Fraternity of canvas Craftsmen / Fabricators / Innovators worked together with some of the finest Acrylic, clear PVC vinyl, coated fabric, acrylic fabric, PVC extrusion, thread, zipper and other material manufactures in order to create a viable catalyst for the "next generation" enclosure (from the inventor of EZ2CY®)! The Fraternity, possessing an unprecedented combination of respect for tradition and an out-of-the-box approach toward innovation, reviewed every aspect of current boat enclosures, scrutinized all available materials and took the initiative of commissioning new materials in order to create superior enclosures destined to be the next milestone for the canvas industry. Increased area of vision, cleaner look for borders and stronger materials have all been addressed. Additionally, as a result of a more efficient system, Members of 4U2SEA's™ Fraternity are able to offer enclosures that are easier on the pocket for boaters to acquire. What's more, Fraternity Members are located in even the smallest niches of the marine market to better serve boaters. Boaters that know of an exceptional fabricator may have him or her apply to join the 4U2SEA™ Fraternity (Qualifications and restrictions do apply!) to become part of the future as well. Listen to what people are saying in quotes and videos!

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Your Assurance!

St. Petersburg's Boat Show

The Enclosure Fraternity is here to put your mind at ease. Every Member of the Fraternity is committed to making your enclosure extraordinary. In addition, this means that wherever your vessel may travel a Fraternity member will be able to take care of your needs. You should also know that the vast amount of collective talent making up the Fraternity includes a Team Captain with some serious history (see History) and that working with a Captain that already charted so much previously un-charted water is a real asset. His willingness and enthusiasm to work in a team effort to chart even further has been of immense value, as is having an open mind able to recognize contributions the aggregate Fraternity can make. The cumulative effort is evident in the new products developed. What's more, the effort never stops and the boating public is the true beneficiary.

The numbered sticker at the top left-hand corner of each panel is your affirmation that only the finest materials are used and also identifies the origination of the panel quickly for future reference.