Cleaning & Polishing Products

Compare the left panel to the right panel to really see the difference before and after!

4U2CLEAN™ was sprayed on the right panel; then wiped off with a soft clean cloth; then followed by an application of 4U2POLISH™.
The polish was applied with a soft cloth and removed by hand with another clean soft cloth.

You can really see the difference!

4U2CLEAN™ and 4U2POLISH™ have been tested and approved for the transparent acrylics, O’Sea™ scratch resistant vinyl, regalite® vinyl as well as marine cover fabrics that border these enclosure materials such as Steadfast2 and all CY4EZ fabrics.

Take it from a boater, these products are easy to use and they work in real world conditions.

Jeff Smith


Cleaner Polish new size

New Convenient 4 oz. Size
A 4 oz. bottle of the cleaner/polisher covers approximately 220 Sq.Ft. enclosure inside and out (e.g., the enclosure on EZ2CY Aqua Epicurean).

***Available online at Reel Draggin Tackle***

Also available at participating marine supply stores!
Call your local fabricator

Dirty Enclsoure Windows? No Problem!

Below: Jeff demonstrates the solution to dirty enclosure windows!




Below: Water beads up during rain.