Enclosure History!

FUN video about our history! (3 min. 41 sec; 243KB)  
June 1989:   The first rigid enclosure system Clearview, clearer than glass distortion free yacht enclosures are invented by Jeff Smith.
1990:   "Track-to-Track" installations invented by Jeff Smith.
1990:   Clearview makes a coated Swiss fabric its standard and helps launch that fabric in America.
1991:   Manual for patterning, fabrication and installation of enclosures is written by inventor.
October 1991:   "Life-time" thread is used in Clearview enclosure for South Jersey Champion, a 63' Ocean Yacht shown at the Annapolis Boat Show. This thread is made standard thereafter and sets a new standard for entire industry.
January 1992:   The name "Clearview" is dropped for EZ2CY® and an invented "easy" word that quickly becomes the most revered name in the industry.
February 1992:   Display at Miami Boat Show introduces EZ2CY® product internationally and begins education of public about all enclosure options through use of website.
March 1992:   2 Captains and a seamstress with no prior marine canvas knowledge taught by inventor for two weeks begin doing all "Jim Smith" boats. This after just over 2 months in business.
June 1992:   Patent is issued with 50 claims.
1992:   Inventor installs enclosure on 58' Ocean Yacht at the factory.
September 1, 1992:   Canvas fabricator for several major NJ boat manufacturers relents to consumers/builders demand for a better enclosure and signs license agreement, is taught patterning/fabrication and installation methods including track-to-track by inventor.
1993:   Panels slide open with "new" double track.
Around 1993:   An unscrupulous (our opinion) marine canvas supplier expresses desire to buy in but is denied by inventor. Supplier then promotes his new sew-able polycarbonate with name ironically similar to advertised Acrylite used by inventor. Shortly thereafter calls from consumers asking why product yellows results in consumers continually being educated about polycarbonate by inventor.
1999:   Inventor files patent infringement case against Barrett Enclosures to protect patent and his licensed dealers. After making attornies wealthy, the suit is settled out of court nearly 3 years later with inventor receiving check and future royalties.
2002-03-26:   Jeff receives official trademark registration #2551456 for the mark EZ2CY and now can use the revered ®.
2008-12-12:   Jeff Smith ceased to have involvement with the operation of EZ2CY Enclosures when In December of 2008, EZ2CY, Inc. purchased from MAL-MAK CORP. various assets.
Over 20 years have passed since the first rigid enclosure was invented. The inventor that spoke about looking “out of the box” to invent realized he had built his own new box. Now, looking out above that box, he invents new acrylic and new methods that make a cleaner, safer enclosure. He also vows that with the help of the “Fraternity and its Members” he will never allow another box to blind his vision.