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About Our Fraternity

4U2SEA™ Fraternity is an organization of like minded people involved in the marine canvas industry with a vested interest in elevating the standards and practices therein. The Fraternity actively promotes interaction between members through forums, meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions. The Fraternity is committed to gaining the respect of the boating public by educating them on the investment, dedication and craftsmanship required to produce the enclosures and canvas products that adorn the vessels they so love. It is believed that this education will ultimately assist in the ongoing goal to raise the level of quality of Fraternity Members to more accurately reflect the true commitment and craftsmanship dictated by the very nature of the industry.

If you are of like mind and in an area that is not currently served by an existing Fraternity member, you may drop us an email so that an application may be forwarded.