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Jeff Smith Invented EZ2CY® in 1989. 26 Years is a long time!
It’s time to up-grade! Here’s the inside story on his new acrylics.
Exclusive 98% broad-spectrum UV Protection Acrylics
Only available through 4U2SEA™ Fabricators!
Below: Looking through cool2sea™ at night.
Note the colors and definition.
  Below: Looking into sun through cool2sea™

Below: Watching the sunset through
  a cool2sea™ enclosure.

  Below:  Elegance from the outside view.
Below: Daytime and cool2sea™    

 Below: Looking through spray soaked cool2sea™
       on the chart boat “Muff Diver”, O.C. Inlet.


Above: Real life! 4U2POLISH™ would help
with the clarity of the enclosure window!



Patent Pending

From the inventor of the first acrylic enclosures (EZ2CY®) comes the next generation of enclosure.

cool2sea™ acrylic utilizes a proprietary performance formulation to block 23% of the heat conventional enclosures transmit, thus keeping Captain, Crew and guest more comfortable. Further, bridges and aft decks able to attain only mediocre air-conditioning results due to green-house effect when fully enclosed, now find cool2sea™ facilitating to a level of comfort not attainable previously. Also comforting is the fact that cool2sea™ blocks 98% of all Ultra Violet light! UVA, the most prevalent UV, is present during all daylight hours, penetrates clouds, plays a major role in skin aging/wrinkling and causes mutations that can lead to melanoma as well as increases UVB's cancer causing effects. In addition, UVA causes chronic damage to the eyes and is linked to the formation of cataracts and macula degeneration.

"Cool" From The Outside!

Gemstone with Cool2Sea  Gemstone

The "Cool" Inside Story!


Other enclosures block only a fraction of UVA! cool2sea™ distortion free modified acrylic is ten times more break resistant than conventional acrylic yet retains the coveted scratch resistance often sacrificed by other products without the need for a coating and, if scratches do occur they can easily be buffed out. cool2sea™ creates no rainbow effect like that found when viewing polycarbonates with polarized sunglasses! A telltale sign of cool2sea™ is its attractive light green hue that most find soothing, many find vision-enhancing and all find distinguishing. Exclusively available from 4U2SEA™, cool2sea™ - the future is now.

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The Enclosure Fraternity is here to put your mind at ease. Every Member of the Fraternity is committed to making your enclosure extraordinary. In addition, this means that wherever your vessel may travel a Fraternity member will be able to take care of your needs. You should also know that the vast amount of collective talent making up the Fraternity includes a Team Captain with some serious history (see History) and that working with a Captain that already charted so much previously un-charted water is a real asset. His willingness and enthusiasm to work in a team effort to chart even further has been of immense value, as is having an open mind able to recognize contributions the aggregate Fraternity can make. The cumulative effort is evident in the new products developed. What's more, the effort never stops and the boating public is the true beneficiary.

The numbered sticker at the top left-hand corner of each panel is your affirmation that only the finest materials are used and also identifies the origination of the panel quickly for future reference.

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